Uplift Hampton receives $25,000 grant from Toshiba America Foundation

STEMlabScholars at Uplift Hampton can’t seem to get enough of science, technology, engineering or mathematics. The heightened levels of interest in these STEM fields is most likely due to Uplift Hampton’s excellent STEM program which continues to expand thanks to the help of grants. Most notably, Uplift Hampton recently received a $25,000 grant from the Toshiba America Foundation.

The grant was given to schools who demonstrated plans for exciting, hands-on projects that teachers would use in the classroom. According to the Toshiba America Foundation, winning grantees “designed projects that tap into the natural curiosity of their students, enabling them to frame their own scientific questions and incorporate the expertise of community partners.”

For Uplift Hampton, this was the perfect opportunity to provide a course from Project Lead The Way, a nationally recognized program that prepares scholars for careers in the STEM fields. By using engaging, hands-on curriculum, PLTW helps facilitate the development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creative and innovative reasoning and a love of learning.

The PLTW course at Uplift Hampton will introduce scholars to Computer Integrated Manufacturing, or CIM. Focusing on 21st century manufacturing methods, which are quickly moving away from the typical method of individual craftsmen working on an assembly line, scholars will delve into the development of modern manufacturing. They’ll learn how human resources are being replaced with robots and machinists are being replaced with Computer Numeric Controlled Milling and Machining equipment; all the while working with an engineering mindset discovering how robots are programmed, automated assembly lines are maintained and designs take parts from virtual plans to actual physical items.

Scholars will be able to see the process that everyday manufactured items go through, from product design, robotics and automation. Scholars will also be able to earn a virtual manufacturing badge that is recognized by the National Manufacturing Badge system.

“We are very grateful to the Toshiba America Foundation for their support of Hampton Engineering scholars. Project Lead The Way will provide our scholars with 21st century skills from curriculum that is recognized by over 30 peer-reviewed studies as ‘exemplary’.” said Bart Scott, lead teacher for PLTW at Uplift Hampton.

Not only do scholars get the benefit of learning about various STEM fields early on through this course and the larger PLTW program, they will also be taking a step forward in their academic studies.

“Our scholars, as a result of PLTW’s national partnerships will be provided preferential college admission status to over 150 universities across the United States. Additionally, scholars will have the opportunity to earn college credit for freshmen level engineering courses and they will now by eligible to receive thousands of dollars in scholarships at participating universities that specifically reserve scholarships for PLTW high school graduates,” said Mr. Scott.

The expansion of programs like these are critical to the development of well-rounded scholars. Across the Uplift network, scholars are exploring various subjects through hands-on activities and relating them to real world examples. With the help of grants such as this one from the Toshiba America Foundation, our teachers can facilitate learning like this and empower scholars to explore beyond their borders.

Click here to check out a PLTW lab that Uplift Hampton scholars will be doing thanks to the Toshiba grant.

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