Uplift representatives advocate for school choice in Austin

National School Choice Week 1Parents from Uplift Summit and Uplift Peak joined other advocates and marched on the State Capitol in support of school choice.   The gathering was the capstone of National School Choice Week in which advocates from Texas and across the nation joined in solidarity to publicly express the benefits of school choice in their lives and in their communities.  Uplift participants braved cold temperatures and an early morning alarm to tell lawmakers that school choice is critical to student achievement.  Uplift Summit Preparatory Parent and Community Liaison Vernetta Willis marched to tell lawmakers that having multiple options makes sense for children in Texas.

“Every Texas parent should have the right to enroll their child in the school of their choice. When parents make that choice they should also have the right to fair funding. Visiting the state capitol during school choice week gives parents the ability to collectively express their views to lawmakers with the ability to make change.”

Upon arrival at the steps of the capitol, members of the group spoke about the meaning of school choice in their lives. A private school teacher, a mother with children attending a public magnet school, charter school teachers and community activists all spoke to the choice that they have been able to make in their lives.  Thereafter students visited the offices of State Representatives and Senators to get an education in state government while students educated lawmakers on the benefits of school choice in Texas.

To be a part of upcoming advocacy events in which parents and scholars can promote equal funding and better choices for scholars in Texas and across the nation, email Ann Stevenson at astevenson@uplifteducation.org.  Parents and scholars should mark their calendars for the next big advocacy event on April 29 as parents and scholars march in support of charter schools in Texas.  It’s a great way for scholars to learn about government while telling lawmakers to close the funding gap that exists at schools of choice.


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