Uplift, Momentous Institute pilot free parenting classes at two campuses

Uplift has partnered with the Momentous Institute powered by Salesmanship Club to pilot free parenting classes at Uplift Heights and Uplift Peak. The classes will run for 12 weeks and focus on a variety of topics that are relevant for parents with children of all ages from young children to adolescents.

A few of the topics include:

  • Exploring Hopes (helping parents develop a concrete visions of their children’s future)
  • Promoting Self Esteem in Children
  • Rules, Routines and Organization
  • Communication That Leads to Cooperation
  • Injury Prevention and Safety
  • Positive Discipline
  • Building Healthy Relationships

As a leading provider of therapeutic and education services, Momentous Institute impacts 6,000 kids and family members each year. The Momentous Institute has previously held classes during Uplift Parent Universities and professional developments for Uplift teachers.  Their tailored approach addresses “the specific needs of each child and their family situation and focus on building and repairing social emotional health — developing kids who become self-regulated, good communicators, problem-solvers, empathetic, grateful, gritty and optimistic.”

The classes will be held separately in Spanish and in English.  Spanish classes at both campuses have already begun but are still taking participants.  English classes will begin when there are at least 15 sign-ups.  Parents of Uplift Heights and Uplift Peak scholars can contact their school offices for more information.

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