CEO Yasmin Bhatia: We proudly educate every student who comes through the doors of an Uplift school

Ana Zamora

At Uplift Education, it has long been our goal to not only educate every child who comes through our doors but to also completely close the achievement gap between students regardless  of their ethnic or socio-economic background, while ensuring that 100% of our students graduate and enroll in college.

As you may know, Ana Zamora, a 2011 graduate of Uplift Williams Preparatory was an honored guest of First Lady Michelle Obama at Tuesday’s State of the Union address.  Ana’s parents brought her to the United States before her first birthday, and this country has been the only home she has ever known.  She excelled as a student and with the support of her family, teachers and her own dedication and perseverance, Ana graduated high school and currently works while attending a university in Dallas.  She hopes to graduate in May, continue to work and return to school for her MBA.

Ana’s story is the story of dozens of Uplift alumni and current scholars who, with their families, came to this country for a better life.  Often the journey to Uplift schools starts with parents who are looking for a school that will support their child not only through primary and secondary school, but all the way through college.  Our dedicated Road to College counselors work tirelessly with all Uplift families to connect them to resources that not only improve their educational outcomes but their outcomes in life.

As we continue to grow and graduate more and more scholars every year, I have no doubt we will hear more success stories like Ana’s.  We have always and will continue to proudly open our doors to every child in need and provide a free public high quality college preparatory education option.

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