Uplift Grand teacher Danita helps kindergarteners become published authors

Grand KinderUplift Grand kindergartners recently took their writing assignments very seriously.  Danita, a 27-year teaching veteran and kindergarten teacher at Uplift Grand, coordinated a project to publish collaborative written and illustrative works from kindergartners  Since scholars knew their work might be published, they poured over each sentence and consulted with fellow scholars as if they were doctoral candidates.  Ideas became drafts and the drafts were refined, until the final draft was submitted and ultimately approved for publication.

The entire kindergarten team worked with Danita. Each of the four kindergarten classrooms at Uplift Grand created a different book.  Each scholar was responsible for writing and illustrating his or her own page and submitting drafts by a deadline. It’s a project that aligns with kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) by teaching scholars to be authors and illustrators while showing fidelity to the International Baccalaureate (IB) instructional framework through scholar led, collaborative, and inquiry based instruction.

“The students now have real world experience at being authors and illustrators, and real world experience is what IB is all about,” Danita said.

Book topics were about the things scholars see, the way objects feel, favorite pastimes, and tasty foods. The process of writing the books and getting them published was fun, but reading the finished product was the biggest thrill for scholars and teachers.

grand kinder2“Once the books were delivered, we had a community circle to read aloud each book with all the Kindergarten scholars and took pictures of the proud published scholars. My Kindergarten team was very enthusiastic about this book project and worked very diligently to make these books great,” she said.

Uplift Grand, like schools across the Uplift Network, is accepting new student applications for the 2015-2016 school year.  Danita made sure Uplift Grand kindergarteners will have the opportunity to become authors when they attend Uplift Grand next year.

“We reserved the publish date again for next year.  We hope to make it an annual event for our kindergarteners to become published authors/illustrators.”

New families interested in applying to Uplift Grand visit uplifteducation.org/apply for further information.

Parents and the public can purchase Uplift Grand titles by kindergarteners at studentreasures.com/ordercopies. Titles can be ordered, using the accompanying purchase codes.


What Do You Feel?  Code 3309511

What Do You Like to Do? Code 3309512

What We Like to Eat! Code 3309514

What Do You See? Code 3309513

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