Jonathan the Uplift Heights Second Grade Sedentary Traveler

UP_130918_HEIGHTS_0669Jonathan is a second grade teacher at Uplift Heights Preparatory, and this fourth year teacher is about to embark on a journey.  Next fall, Uplift Heights will move to a larger primary building just down the street from it’s current location, but that is not the only journey he is undertaking.  Together with his fellow teachers, Jonathan charts a course to make Uplift Heights a great place for scholars to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

“I would compare my relationship with my colleagues as going on an amazing trip with my friends. No matter how much you tell others about your trip, they will never fully understand or relate to your stories. I take a trip with my colleagues every day and they inspire me to strive for higher goals,” Jonathan said.

Uplift Heights Primary has become a popular destination for parents to send their scholars because of the team atmosphere and whole scholar approach that Jonathan embodies.  Jonathan plans and executes lesson plans that take each scholar’s ability level into account.  It’s almost symphonic according to Uplift Heights Primary Dean, Sarah.

“When you step into Jonathan’s class you will see a myriad of activities taking place. Each scholar may be working on something different, but they are all learning the same thing. One of the things that sets Jonathan apart as a teacher is how well he is in tune with the individual needs of each of his scholars both academically and social/emotionally. We are so thankful to have such a well-rounded, intuitive teacher on our staff here at Heights Primary,” she said.

Sparked by his own unconventional learning style as a child and a desire to impact the world positively, Jonathan quickly decided that teaching was the path for him.  Teaching has always been considered one of the noblest professions and as a teen, Jonathan had the ability to relate to young people. In order to innovative and teach to each scholar’s unique ability to learn he needed help from his traveling companions and steering from scholar interaction.

“As I am honing my craft in teaching, I am able to fuse best practices with my unconventional side. This fuels my innovation in my attempt to reach the whole spectrum of learners.  Very simply, it is the scholars I teach and the colleagues I work with every single day that inspire me. No matter the day I am having, those precious interactions you have with your scholars are something truly special that you only see in our line of work.  I am not doing anything different from the rest of my colleagues at Uplift Heights” he said.

This is an especially exciting time at Uplift Heights as the new primary building is slated to open next fall.  Parents will have the ability to apply to Uplift Heights with a higher probability of acceptance thanks to the added space that the new facility will provide.  If you would like your child to attend Uplift Heights, go to and start your journey with teachers like Jonathan and the entire team of great teachers at Uplift Heights.

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