Top 10 Reasons to attend Parent University

The very first Parent University took place in the spring of 2013 at Uplift Peak Preparatory, and ever since, they have spread like wildfire. This year, five Uplift schools have or will be hosting Parent Universities in an effort to help families make a bigger impact at home and with their scholars by providing the necessary tools to be strong advocates for their children and their school. Parent U is a collaborative program, organized by Uplift schools, teams of parents and local community organizations, and usually held on Saturdays. Families spend their Saturday mornings attending classes, meeting other parents and getting to know their community. So far this year, Uplift Peak, Uplift Mighty and Uplift Meridian have hosted a Parent U. Uplift Heights will host theirs on October 18, Uplift Hampton will host theirs on November 1 and Uplift Williams will host theirs in mid-November (TBA). Although there are a myriad of reasons why you should attend a Parent University, we’ve captured the top 10 in the list below. If you’d like to see a Parent University on your campus, make sure to reach out to your school!

firstoneMeet community organizations and discover resources in your community.
In order to have a strong school environment, there needs to be a strong community. That’s why Parent Universities connect you to different resources available in your area. Need some information about healthcare or English language learning programs in your neighborhood? Head to your next Parent University!

secondSpeak to experts in the field on subjects that matter to you.
Each session given during Parent University is led by an expert in the topic being discussed. School leaders, counselors, outside organizations and folks from the Central Management Office all take part in the sessions to make sure that all of the questions you have are answered in the moment and with expertise.

third.jpegFree childcare, lots of food and raffles!
Free childcare gives parents the flexibility to attend all of the sessions they’re interested in. Breakfast and lunch are provided so that you have the energy to focus on your learning. There are also raffles for participants who stay the whole day! From laptops to free dress days, Parent Universities are made a little sweeter with prizes and food.


fourthGain a clearer understanding about your schools’ academic programs.
Want to learn what being an International Baccalaureate school really means for your scholar? What about gaining some more insight on the different ways that the Uplift Road To College program helps put your scholar on track to excel in college and beyond? Parent University sessions offer the perfect forum for you to learn about what these academic programs mean for your scholars.


fifthConnect to other parents and community members at your school.
It’s all in the name- Parent Universities are created for parents and family members. What better way to connect with fellow parents and community members than by coming together as a singular school community? We encourage you meet other parents as you share classes, congregate in the gym and over lunch!


sixth.jpegLearn about ways to help your scholar excel in school and beyond.
Knowing how to support your scholar is critical to the mission of helping your scholar excel at home and at school. Attending the various sessions provided will help equip you with the tools necessary to support your scholars academically and socially. We promise that you’ll go home having learned at least one new thing!


seventhSpeak to school and district leadership.
Parent Universities are the perfect opportunity to get to know your school leadership. Meet the dedicated folks that are constantly working hard to make sure that your scholars are getting the most out of their time in school. Ask them questions, get to know them, and share in the mutual mission that you both have- to help your scholars achieve their dreams.


eigthParent Universities take a holistic approach.
Parent Universities are designed to help develop families in a holistic manner. That means that they place a focus on as many of the key components necessary to developing healthy, happy, equipped families. Parent Universities have covered everything from academics to social and emotional health, and even technology.


ninthHear from awesome keynote speakers.
If you attend a Parent University, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from some great speakers. We’ve had the honor of having keynote speakers like State house representatives, Uplift alumni, and Uplift alumni parents who all share their experiences in education with us. We’ve even skyped in Uplift alumni directly from their college dorms! Parent Universities allow you to meet the folks that have been through what you have and give you the chance to share in the experience with each other.


tenthDevelop the knowledge to become an advocate for your school and scholars.
Being a strong advocate for your scholar and your scholars’ education is important for their success. By familiarizing yourself even more with the needs of your scholars and will help you to better speak out for your school. Parent Universities will help familiarize you with charter schools, academic programs and the way your school operates.

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