Uplift Luna teacher creates forward momentum each day

DSC_0198Roshelle is a math teacher and team lead at Uplift Luna who believes constant improvement is a high virtue.  Roshelle works hard to live out this idea with her team and scholars in the classroom. As a team lead, she supports first year teachers by recognizing the challenges they face and encourages them to collaborate while striving to be better each day.  Similarly, as a teacher she sets a high bar and encourages her scholars to improve upon where they were yesterday.

Roshelle makes herself available to act as an emotional or logistical support to all teachers on campus, she visits other teachers’ classrooms during a lesson to show support, and highlights the positives while making suggestions on future improvement based on her experience.  Her colleagues are appreciative of her support and can count on Roshelle to help before being asked.

“I stay grounded in our strategic priorities, one of which states, “We Build Relationships through Consistency.”  Teachers should know that I am always available to support them,” Rochelle said.

Roshelle leads by example in the classroom by embracing challenges in scholar understanding instead of shying away from it.

“I believe the best day in my class is when we hit a challenge, and we are forced to stop, relax, and break it down.  This allows us to address the misconceptions that we have run into, identify what we did wrong, and how to avoid it in the future.  Once we’ve done that, we move on feeling victorious and accomplished.  This shows my scholars that it’s okay if we hit a bump but it’s not okay to dwell on it, we have to be confident problem solvers that find solutions,” Roshelle said.

As a teacher, she has found that setting the bar high and being nimble has helped her scholars grow academically. Throughout the time she has spent teaching, she has found that teaching is a team sport. Collaborating with other teachers and school leaders is what really helps scholars succeed.

“My scholars know what to expect from me and my classroom because high expectations were set on day one and they challenge me to think about the various ways I might best support them. I have and will continue to hold them to those high expectations even after they leave the sixth grade. I think of myself as a school teacher not a subject or classroom teacher,” she said

2 thoughts on “Uplift Luna teacher creates forward momentum each day

  1. Roshelle has always been a forward thinking individual. I have always challenged her and stated whatever you do always make me proud. Well, she has I’m a very proud father. Continue to challenge and keep moving forward. Love you too much. Dad.

  2. Dea Sanford and sister Stenson are so proud of Roshelle. We never doubted any of her accomplishment, because we know whatever she put her mind to it’s a done deal. Most of all we know who’s the head of her life and what she do, she do it unto the Lord our God. We are so gratful that the teacher and kids there has someone like Roshelle in their lives. To God Be The Glory!!

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