College fair gives seniors a chance to explore their options

IMG_3316Once a year, Uplift scholars share a room with more than 130 admission reps from colleges and universities across the country. Entering the gyms at Uplift North Hills Prep in Irving, Texas, they are confronted with the crowds both at the tables and behind them. But the noise and sheer number of recruiters don’t phase the scholars. They have been preparing for this day, figuring out if they can turn their interests into degree plans and getting their pitches ready.

This college fair is an important step for the many who might not have imagined going to college just a few years ago. Most will have gone on college trips, but now, with applications on the horizon, it’s time to think carefully about what direction to go. And it’s no surprise that these scholars have given it a great deal of thought. It’s what they’ve learned to do at their Uplift school.

Take a few minutes to listen to them talk about what an event like the College Fair means to them and how they feel about their futures.

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