Uplift Peak Teacher Gets Interpersonal for Achievement

Ms. Gomez
Uplift Peak Teacher Elizabeth

Uplift Peak  ESL teacher Elizabeth understands what it takes to be a successful scholar.  The Gates scholarship recipient and eight-year Uplift Peak teacher is a great example to scholars of commitment and grit.  She guides ELL scholars toward English proficiency from kindergarten through fifth grade and is the catalyst former ELL scholars point to for the growth they experience every year.  Parents trust her to help their scholar adjust to the academic rigor at Uplift Peak through her use of data, a helpful nature and a personal touch that she brings to the classroom.

Elizabeth relies heavily on MAP data to measure scholar growth.  MAP is the Measure of Academic Progress exam that gives teachers a snapshot of areas for growth and helps teachers like Elizabeth differentiate for scholars.  She engages her scholars in conversations about the MAP exam so each scholar knows what the growth expectations are.  She also enacts interpersonal strategies to identify ESL scholars that might require intervention.

“I’ve been popping in and checking in on our new scholars who are feeling a bit nervous or scared and just introducing myself to them.  I’ve also gone in and checked on scholars I’ve worked with in the past to make sure they are adjusting to their new teacher and grade,” she said.

Parents appreciate the personalized assistance she gives scholars and they appreciate her ability to make scholars feel at ease whether they speak English or Spanish.

“I received the best compliment recently when a parent told me that their child’s educational background started with me and a lot of his success is thanks to me,” Elizabeth said.

In her spare time she works with adults by volunteering as an adult ESL teacher in the East Dallas Community.  Elizabeth’s colleagues are impressed by her ability to create a strong school culture by building relationships with scholars and families.


Elizabeth volunteered to lead the collection and distribution of scholar materials on the first day of school

Elizabeth’s experience and community mindedness came in handy during the first day of school.

Choreographing carline, scholars, scholar supplies, parents, and teachers requires a trustworthy presence who parents know and teachers can count on.  At Uplift Peak Primary parents dropped off over 100 bags of school supplies on the first day of school.  Ms. Gomez organized the process and delivered the bags to each scholar in their classroom before 10:00 AM.  Elizabeth took initiative to come up with the system for collecting and distributing school supplies this year without even being asked.  Car line was described as the smoothest ever, thanks to her.

Furthermore, Elizabeth willingly accepted the ongoing roles of TPRI & STAAR testing coordinator, science fair coordinator, document translator, and parent meeting translator for this school year. Her multiple duties make her more than an ESL teacher at Uplift Peak, she is a campus teacher.

“At Uplift Peak we’ve come a long way but there’s always room for change to help all of our scholars.  That’s why I am willing to do as much as I can,” Elizabeth concluded.

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