Set up for success: simplifying your school routines

The Uplift 2014-15 school year is just days from kicking off! Below are some tips that might help make your school routine go a little bit smoother. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these tips will help set up some crucial habits that will prove fruitful for you and your scholar as the year goes by.


Early to bed, early to rise: Help your scholars ease back in to the school routine by starting a your school night sleep schedule a couple of days early. Have your scholars hit the sack at their designated school year bed time. This is also a great time to get you scholars in the habit of reading before bed. Build in an extra 30 minutes before bed so that scholars can pick up a book and keep their brains on track for school.


a57f627ff8329aa87c1b27cb4a1f1dbfReady, set, go: Save yourself precious minutes in the morning by setting up an area of your home near the door where you can store everyday items like shoes, backpacks, and jackets. This will keep you and your family from scrambling last minute to find that lost shoe. It doesn’t have to be a fancy area- you can simply set up a bench and a couple hooks near the door where you can leave shoes, hang backpacks and house your car keys.

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Setting up a homework area



UP_130924_WILLIAMS_0614 Homework habitat: In addition to setting up an out-the-door space, make sure that you have a homework area set up where your scholar can study. It can be a desk or even the kitchen table- the key is in keeping the area clean and organized so that your scholar can focus on the tasks at hand. A cluttered homework space can lead to distractions and could affect your scholar’s ability to focus on homework. “It’s incredibly important for scholars to take homework and pre-tests seriously because they help teachers know where a scholar’s understanding lies. By having a clean, organized environment, you’re supporting the idea that your scholar should take homework seriously,” said Maria Yocom, Uplift Network Testing Coordinator.


secondary car line

Practice makes perfect: Take an hour during the weekend to do a dry run of your school routine so that you know how long everything takes. Make sure you are aware of your school’s car line procedure in order to avoid any mishaps on the first day and to reduce any confusion. You can check your school’s website, Facebook page or the front office for car line information. In addition, make sure that your scholar is aware and has a clear understanding of pick up information, especially if someone else is picking them up. This can also be a great time to plan the rest or your route ahead of time if you are taking your scholar to multiple places.


UP_130918_HEIGHTS_1000Meet and greet: Don’t forget to reach out to your scholar’s teachers and Road to College counselors at the beginning of the year. Keep an eye out for meet the teacher nights at your school. Aside from meeting your scholars teachers, make sure you reach out to your scholars Road To College counselor. “Teachers and counselors are your partners throughout the academic school year. Knowing what the expectations are and what goals they’re setting for your scholar will really help you know how to best support your scholar and the ways to fully prepare them to be college ready. Make an effort to not only meet them at the beginning of the school year but also check in throughout the school year to see how your scholar is doing and find out what other ways you can support them,” said Denise Castaneda, Uplift College Admissions Director.

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