Transition Time: Road To College Senior Bridge Day prepares scholars for college in the fall

10418155_749577275063829_5931635787551132356_nThe Uplift Road To College team hosted the annual Senior Bridge Program on May 21 at the University of Texas, Arlington. The Senior Bridge Program has been incredibly successful in helping Uplift’s newest graduates prepare to enter college in the fall by giving them valuable knowledge and tools to successfully transition to college.

The day-long program was held at UTA and facilitated by Uplift alumni, Texas Instruments volunteers and Uplift staff who presented, answered questions and gave advice to the soon-to-be college freshmen. The various presentations informed scholars about valuable skills and hot topics like the best ways to create a balanced academic schedule, how to take care of their health and how to thrive in college. Scholars were encouraged to ask any questions or bring up any concerns during the open forums that were held after each presentation.

The insight provided by Uplift alumni, TI volunteers and Uplift counselors gave the budding college freshmen a unique perspective that would help them navigate whatever circumstances, academic or social, may cross their paths. After the presentations, 10 Uplift seniors who had previously applied for Uplift scholarships, were announced and awarded with individual scholarships that would help bolster their financial aid packages.

10370373_749581751730048_6953552236177675684_nAll 388 Uplift seniors were in attendance for this event which provided a great opportunity to connect with peers from around the Uplift network. Each session was divided either by college or college region, so that scholars would have the opportunity to get to know other Uplift scholars who will be in the same area, make friends, exchange numbers and create a network of contacts ahead of arriving to college.

Dedicating an entire day to making sure that our seniors arrive at college prepared to navigate their academic and social encounters provides further reinforcement to the years of coaching and help that our Road to College counselors give our scholars. By absorbing these tips, connections and social advice, scholars improve the likelihood that they will not only attend college, but persist through graduation and beyond.

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