Uplift Williams Prep senior, Arely Garcia receives Gates Millennium Scholarship

Processed with VSCOcamArely Garcia is a senior at Uplift Williams Preparatory. She has been attending Uplift Williams since the seventh grade and has since then accomplished many great things. She just recently selected the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts as her college choice. She also recently received the exciting news that she was selected as a Gates Millennium Scholar.

The Gates Millennium scholarship will allow for her to attend any college of her choice by covering the complete cost, as well as offering opportunities to engage in many leadership development programs that will allow her to develop herself personally, academically and professionally. Despite her incredible accomplishments and drive to succeed, Arely remains very humble and down to earth.

“I didn’t think I would get the Gates scholarship. After I opened the package and read that I had actually gotten it, I just started crying and laughing. When my teachers caught wind of the news, they started blowing up my phone with texts congratulating me!” she said.

Arely has done a lot to prepare for her upcoming years in college. The summer of her junior year, she participated in the NASA Texas High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) Program, a rigorous summer program that included a yearlong computer course. Every two weeks, she had to complete an online module that consisted of an essay, quiz, some graphic design work and a math problem. She says, however, that it was all worth it.

“After spending many hours on my application, writing an essay, and sending a professional letter to my State Legislator, I was accepted into the program. At the time, I was unaware of the time commitment, opportunities, and the amazing experience I would receive.” she said.

Coming out of the program, Arely felt that she had grown immensely. This was a great opportunity for her to meet people of different cultures, languages and religions. The HAS program served as a precursor of the diversity Arely will be exposed to as she attends the College of the Holy Cross. As the first in her family to attend college, she wants to study psychology and education and then attend graduate school to receive her masters in social work. She credits her success to the support she has received from her teachers, Road to College counselors and her Hero mentor, Emily Maeyama, who helped her with everything from her HAS program application to simply chatting with her about life.

“I want to go into these fields because I really appreciate all of the support and opportunities I have been given and I want to do my best to help provide others with the opportunities that I have been given.” she said.

Arely’s focus is on doing her best to give back to others all of the help, support and opportunities that she has been given so far in her life. As her father for inspiration, Arely is bound for success. She gives rising seniors this advice: “Take advantage of every opportunity that you’re given. Make time to help others and do your best to get involved in your community and most importantly believe in yourself.”

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