Uplift Parent University reinforces the school to home connection

EJM_1309 - Version 2It is clear that both educators and parents have the best interests of our scholars at heart. For this very reason, Uplift Williams and Uplift Peak recently held Parent Universities in an effort to help parents make a bigger impact at home and with their scholars. These Parent Universities are important school-based parent information initiatives that are designed to equip families with the necessary tools to be strong advocates for their children and their school. The focus of the Parent University at Uplift Williams was on technology. Parents attended different sessions during the course of the day that taught them how to leverage the tech tools at their disposal in order to close the digital divide between themselves, their scholars and the school. Classes covered everything from PowerSchool to social media and digital responsibility. By the end of the day, parents learned how to effectively use technology to strengthen their connection to the school and their ability to support scholars on the road to college and beyond. Uplift Peak families focused on other meaningful ways to strengthen the home to school academic partnership at their Parent U. Parents learned about different ways to encourage scholar success by handling bullying, navigating social media and the different ways the International Baccalaureate program helps develop scholars. Free child care gave everyone the opportunity to take part in these informative sessions, connect to various community organizations and take part in a laptop raffle! EJM_1514 Uplift’s Parent Universities are collaborative programs, organized by Uplift schools, teams of parents, and local community organizations. Parent Universities are day-long events that could become a year-long series. However, the goal is the same:to ensure that participating families’ needs are met. By providing and connecting families to a larger network of experts in their community, Parent U helps them navigate the road through school and the transition to college and beyond. We encourage parents to take the opportunity to attend these free sessions because families get the chance to speak to experts in their field about how they can be more involved and informed education partners for their scholars. Make sure to keep an eye out for the next Parent University at your campus!

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