Jay Schaertl: Uplift Peak Video Production teacher produces future media mavens

SchaertlJay Schaertl is the 11th and 12th grade CTE Video Production teacher at Uplift Peak.  With six years of teaching experience at Uplift Peak Preparatory, Mr. Schaertl is being highlighted for his scholar centered classroom environment and introducing scholars to transferrable technical skills. His Video Production scholars are currently working toward their end-of-year short-film festival.”

“This is such a rewarding event.  For a scholar to get to sit in an actual movie theater with 300 other people and see their hard work up on a real movie screen is priceless. Peak scholars are amazing and I love to give them tools and knowledge and then watch the amazing things that they accomplish,” he said.”

A sense of accomplishment is what sets Mr. Schaertl apart.  He helps his scholars develop the skill of video production, and from there, the scholars can go as far as their imagination will take them.

“My best day in the classroom is seeing the moment when a kid ‘gets it’ and is excited. When I watch my scholars run production without me, it makes me extremely proud,” he said.

Just like any teacher, Mr. Schaertl has to teach fundamental principles while keeping up with the latest trends to stay relevant.

“My field is constantly evolving.  I have to stay current with the operations and technology of the film trade, or I will not be effectively preparing Uplift Peak Scholars to study film in college,” he explained.

In his six years of teaching, Mr. Schaertl has seen a variety of scholars with both strength and weaknesses.  When his scholars struggle, he responds by helping them move forward.

“Don’t give up on your kids.  Let them know that every day is a new day.  Yesterday’s failures need to be learned from, but today needs to be a fresh chance to succeed.  Respect your students.  Allow them to fail, but give them the support they need to rise out of that failure and achieve success,” he said.

Mr. Schaertl is involved in other creative endeavors outside of the classroom.  He is a photographer, an independent filmmaker, and is a member of the band “Spacebuckle”.

The fourth Annual Uplift Peak Preparatory Short-Film Festival will take place the evening of May 6th at the Mockingbird Station Angelika Film Center.  Doors open at 6:30 to allow attendees to view project binders until the first film begins at 7:00.  For purchase information contact Jay Schaertl at jschaertl@uplifteducation.org

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