Revolutionizing School Lunches

The most opportune moment to cement healthy eating habits during the school day is lunch. All Uplift schools make sure to reinforce what we teach our scholars through our child nutrition program both verbally and habitually. Our Uplift CNP team makes sure to carefully select nutritious food to serve our scholars across the network during lunch. In an effort to continue these habits, Uplift Luna has partnered with Revolution Foods to give scholars more access to fresh, healthy food.

CNP01Originally founded by two moms, Revolution foods provides fresh, healthy and most importantly, nutritious food for schools across the country. The meals that Revolution foods provides are all freshly prepared and made from all natural ingredients. They do not make their food with fake or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. A look at their menu reveals a wide array of fresh options including fruits, vegetables and real meats with no added preservatives.

To put their menu to the test, Uplift Luna hosted a “dry run”, where parents and family members were invited to come and try out the new lunch options. On the menu were items such as Revolution foods’ chicken sandwiches made with real chicken and served on wheat buns, barbeque wraps made with fresh vegetables, a healthy chicken salad and many more items. This effort to move towards fresh, healthy options isn’t limited to just Uplift Luna. Other Uplift schools such as Uplift Peak are seeking to transition to Revolution foods. The goal is to make healthy meal options accessible to all scholars so that they can truly focus on their learning.

“I think that food, like education, should be the great equalizer. No child should have to go without food” said Alison Harold, Director of Partnership Development for Revolution foods.

This is a big step toward a healthier lifestyle that will also set our scholars up for success in the classroom. Check out the photos below from this past weeks’ dry run at Uplift Luna Secondary.


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