Memorizing Rules No Longer

Uplift Infinity Preparatory uses CGI to Improve Math Comprehension- 

UP_130925_INFINITY_05dddd51At Uplift Education, we want our scholars to not only be lifelong learners but to have a genuine understanding of what they learn. In order to achieve this goal, we make sure to show our scholars that learning is not just something that is confined to the four walls of a classroom; rather, it is a daily part of life that can happen at any time. We use teaching methods in line with the International Baccalaureate program to develop a whole understanding of  different subjects. One such method that our teachers use to develop authentic understanding is Cognitively Guided Instruction, or CGI. CGI has seen great success in our math classrooms by encouraging scholars to lead the direction of their own learning. It builds rigor, scholar-led discussion and ultimately authentic mastery of math skills. Under CGI, teachers use different methods such as flashcards to improve computation, problem solving, algebra and number sense.

“It focuses on scholar-led classroom discussions, exploring alternate ways to solve problems and upgrading the educational experience into more real-world, situational word problems.” Says Kristen Schroder. Primary teacher at Uplift Infinity Preparatory.
This method of teaching math in real world situations helps scholars apply what they learn in class to everyday life. Instead of simply learning a set of mathematical rules or using a kit to teach concepts, scholars learn how to problem solve, therefore creating a whole understanding of how to use math in everyday life. For example, instead of simply teaching “4+3=7”, teachers use a word problem such as “You have four books to read. You get three more books from the library. How many books do you have now?” to make the problem applicable to real life. These methods are more complex and allow scholars to share their thinking out loud. The teacher then listens to how the scholar makes sense and then decides on what the scholar needs next based on what the scholars say. In this way, scholars truly learn math when they make sense of it.
CGI truly reinforces the IB framework in that it encourages scholars to develop independence and take responsibility for their own learning. Uplift Infinity Preparatory will apply to be accredited through the IB Primary Years Program for this upcoming 2014-15 school year. An aim of the PYP is to create a transdisciplinary curriculum that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant for learners in the 3-12 age range.
Learn more about the IB Primary Years Program in this short video.
To see a list of which Uplift schools are IB accredited and which ones are working towards it, check out pages 32-33 of the Family Guide to Uplift Education.

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