Scholars win new bicycles for National School Lunch Week

During National School Lunch Week, many schools feature special menu items, hold promotional activities for the students and provide giveaways which promote nutrition to those participating in the program. This year, one of the most exciting events was the opportunity to win a brand new Phat Cycles beach cruiser from the Richardson Bike Company.

All secondary scholars who participated in National School Lunch Week had the opportunity to win simply by eating lunch in the cafeteria during the week of October 21-25.  Those who ate school lunch received a raffle ticket which they had to complete and return to the raffle box in their schools cafe. Secondary scholars were able to enter their names up to five times during the week. Winners were announced during their lunch hour across the network.

20131119_105946GE POCKET CAMCORDER
GE POCKET CAMCORDER20131119_125546

Between new meal patterns, chef-inspired recipes and freshly prepared meals, there have been lots of great developments in Uplift cafeterias. The Child Nutrition Program is constantly working to ensure that our scholars are eating healthy school lunches and encouraging active lifestyles. Lunch menus are sent home with scholars once a month and can also be accessed online by visiting school websites. General information about menus, setting up an online meal account, obtaining information on free and reduced price meals, as well as calorie and carbohydrate information can be found on the Child Nutrition Program section of the Uplift website.

We would like to congratulate the following winners of the bikes from the Child Nutrition Program so far this week:

Uplift Peak Preparatory Middle School-Natalie Pina, 8th Grade
Uplift Peak Preparatory High School- Jarius Evans, 11th Grade

Uplift Mighty Preparatory- Salvador Carbajal, 6th grade
Uplift Williams preparatory Middle School Velia Miranda, 6th grade
UpliftWilliams Preparatory High School- Felix Soriano, 9th Grade

Uplift Infinity Preparatory Middle School- Jazmin Sandoval, 8th grade
Uplift Heights preparatory Middle School- Adrian Barajas, 6th grade
Uplift Heights Preparatory High school- Priscella Gonzalez, 9th grade

Congrats scholars!
Uplift Education Child Nutrition program

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